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Membership in the New Jersey Tech Council is open to tech, life sciences, and tech-enabled companies and organizations as well as tech related professional providers/advisors. The Council's programs are designed to help you and your company grow.


The Tech Council offers a number of resources from which you can easily access. From funding to talent to workspaces and to advocacy and exposure, we help you grow your business whether it's a start up or a multinational. In addition, we can help connect you to the right advisors and mentors along the way.


The Council provides access to financing and potential strategic partners.

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Explore career opportunities.
Find a job or internship.


The Tech Council advocates for the tech industry in the state and region.

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We help raise your profile via social media and TechNews digital and print magazine.

NJ Research Centers

We collaborate with Research Centers to support new product/service innovation.

NJ Regional Business Resources

Take advantage of the many support organizations to help you grow.

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