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TechLaunch – BULLPEN #8 at New Jersey City University and Co-hosted with Jersey City Tech Meetup

Date: March 27, 2018


Selected Tech Ventures
Get Mentoring and Investor Exposure and Winner gets $15,000 of Professional Services (No Fees or Equity to Apply or Pitch)

Applicants are presently being screened for “flash” mentoring and the opportunity to pitch at the next BullPen on March 27th at New Jersey City University, Jersey City.

Designed for early stage tech entrepreneurs to present their budding enterprises to a panel of investors, members of the tech ecosystem and the business community. The audience also networks and interacts with investors, presenters and panelists alike.

The TechLaunch BullPen experience is ideal for early stage tech startup companies that have post Tech Accelerator experience, high growth potential, an experienced team, a demonstrated Minimum Viable Product (MVP), at least one potential customer who is prepared to pay for your product, an investment of 6-12 months of sweat equity and seed capital already raised, who are looking to raise $50K to $500K in additional funding, and are coachable. To learn more go to TechLaunch.

To learn more about Jersey City Tech Meetup, check out their story.

About BullPen: BullPen is a bi-monthly series of pitch events similar to Shark Tank where three or four tech companies present to a mixed audience and panel of investors and entrepreneurs in the New Jersey metropolitan area. To apply please go to TechLaunch/application.

About TechLaunch: Formed in 2012 to drive the commercialization of emerging technology, TechLaunch has served over 50 tech focused companies and mentored over 100 budding entrepreneurs. Our focus is to screen, select and nurture early stage tech ventures to accelerate their growth opportunities via mentoring, coaching, networking, and providing access to resources and capital. To learn more please visit TechLaunch.

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